The Schott Foundation for Public Education asked Global Policy Solutions to create a blueprint for comprehensive education reform based upon its Opportunity to Learn framework which embraces elements that make students more likely to achieve state proficiency standards, graduate from high school, and have higher postsecondary education attainment rates.

Different from most calls for reform, the 2020 Vision Roadmap: A Pre-K Through Postsecondary Roadmap for Educational Success considers the educational pipeline in its entirety—from early childhood through postsecondary attainment—and offers evidence-informed strategies to boost access, quantity and quality at every stage. The strategies offered in this blueprint provide policymakers, school officials, education advocates, and business and community leaders with the guidance they need to pursue policy and practice-based changes that will unleash the power and potential of our nation’s youth; a fundamental component of America’s economic engine and its most precious resource.