An op-ed authored by Dr. Maya Rockeymoore in response to a New York Times editorial was published by the In America blog at

Talking about being overweight is always an uncomfortable topic, no matter what color you are. But when the New York Times ran an editorial, “Black women and fat”, it opened a wound most of us would like to ignore. After all, aren’t there more important things to talk about when it comes to African-American women and our lives?

Why talk about the “sugar down below’’as the author Alice Randall put it, when black women are facing high rates of unemployment, poverty and HIV/AIDS? Since the publication, I have been discussing obesity at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Weight of the Nation Conference and at screenings for the HBO documentary, Weight of the Nation. Plus, I have been in more personal conversations with my friends who have confirmed how embarrassing and deeply personal the issue is in their lives.  But obesity is worth talking about for a single reason: it places our lives and those of our children at risk.

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