Dr. Maya Rockeymoore was interviewed by Sojourners Magazine about studies that show that the median wealth of African-American women is 400 times less than their white counterparts.

A recent study on “women of color, wealth, and America’s future” found that while the median net worth (assets minus debts) of single white women is $41,500, the median net worth of single African-American women is only $100. Since black women are often the sole breadwinners in their households, this stark disparity calls attention to the tenuous economic status of black families across the United States. Wealth disparity for black women is aggravated by racism, classism, and sexism, according to Maya Rockeymoore, founder of Global Policy Solutions, a social policy consulting firm in Washington, D.C. In this interview with Sojourners Web editor Jeannie Choi, Rockeymoore describes barriers that have prevented black women from gaining wealth and suggests practical ways toward a more equitable future.

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